About Us

Trilogy Trust Foundation

At Trilogy Trust Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of compassion, resilience, and unity. Founded by Dr. Krissy Jones and her family, our non-profit foundation is fueled by a deeply personal journey through hardship and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those facing economic challenges.

Our Story

The Trilogy Trust Foundation was born from personal experience by Dr. Krissy Jones, a determined entrepreneur, who faced sudden and unexpected loss of income, leading her family to confront the imminent threat of homelessness. In those dark moments, they yearned for a helping hand—a lifeline that could have prevented their descent into uncertainty. It was this transformative experience that inspired the foundation’s creation—an unwavering dedication to lifting others out of despair and guiding them towards brighter tomorrows.

Our Mission

Our core mission is simple yet profound: to extend a helping hand to individuals and families who have endured economic or financial hardship for any reason. We understand the harrowing circumstances faced by those in dire straits, and we are driven to provide comprehensive support that fosters lasting positive change.

The Trilogy Trust Foundation operates on a self-sustaining model of giving. Leveraging family funds from entrepreneurial endeavors and generous donations, we invest wisely to generate income used exclusively for charitable purposes. This approach ensures that our impact endures, creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.


Our Programs

Our programs are carefully designed to address the unique needs of those we serve. Through grants, we provide crucial financial assistance to help cover rent or mortgage arrears, alleviate the burden of bills, or support educational pursuits. Additionally, we offer mentorship and grants to aspiring entrepreneurs, catalyzing the foundation for economic independence and personal growth.


Above all, our greatest wish is to prevent homelessness and empower individuals to reclaim their lives with newfound hope and resilience. We envision a future where every beneficiary of the Trilogy Trust Foundation emerges from hardship stronger, more determined, and equipped for a brighter, more positive journey ahead.

Building Together

We understand that we can achieve more when we unite our efforts. As a testament to our commitment to the community, Trilogy Trust Foundation also supports the work of other non-profit organizations and charities devoted to serving low-income families and unhoused individuals. By making thoughtful donations, we amplify the collective impact and foster a network of support for those in need.


Join Us in Creating Change

The Trilogy Trust Foundation is a beacon of hope—a testament to the power of empathy and the strength that comes from lifting others up. Together, we can create transformative change in the lives of those facing adversity. Whether through donations, partnerships, or volunteer efforts, we invite you to join us in our journey to build a more compassionate and equitable society, one life at a time.


With your support, we are empowering lives, sustaining hope, and ensuring a brighter future for all.

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